In various part of the country, the real estate markets have experienced a lack of quantity of goods, especially in the capital city. The seller in most case will have a variety of alternative to pick from, in essence, it can be challenging for the veteran purchaser to find a homeowner who is willing to accept an offer by VA financing. Based on past challenges from veteran buyers, many tactics will be displayed on how to make your VA offer as important as other types of financing, like the conventional or FHA offer. You may want to dialogue your alternatives out with your loan officer so as to expand in getting your offer approved.

There are generally 5 major areas of interest which are:

Closing Costs

Not understanding the Mandatory Fees

VA Appraisal vs. Conventional Appraisal or FHA Appraisal

A More Money Offer Looks More Attractive To a Seller

VA Offer Requires a Clearance.

These 5 challenges will be discussed further in this article. Having knowledge of these 5 universal areas of false ideas will surely increase your chances of getting an approval.


Several veterans need money and assistance with their closing costs. In the market, instead of asking the seller to assist you with your closing costs, it would be right of you to have your lender add more value to your interest rate and ask for a lender credit to cover the closing costs.

As regard to an additional fee, several agents lack the understanding that a seller is responsible for mandatory fees. The group of fees are: escrow, processing and underwriting.  The VA instructions suggest that these fees are the seller’s responsibility when the lender is charging a 1 point loan.                                                                                                            

The only part the VA loan may be disadvantaged is where there’s a need for the VA to tender a termite report and clearance, but the conventional and the FHA loans do not. The VA rules permit you to pay for mending, but not the report itself. You can be asked to pay for the repairs if the report is available and you are aware of the costs. If the repairs are costly and the seller decides to decline the repairs, it is better to leave the house and search for another.

This situation needs to be resolved so that everyone has a clear understanding of the VA guidelines. The VA appraisal is generally seen as stricter than a conventional or FHA appraisal. The most important misunderstanding is that a VA appraisal may ask for more amendments on the given property. In the current lending world, conventional, FHA or VA loan appraisals all make use of similar standards due to stricter federal guidelines.    

Lots of sellers believe that a conventional offer with 20% down payment seems to be a better offer than a VA loan with no down payment. The offer with the largest down payment is believed to have a higher stake of closing. If both buyers have been authorized by an experienced loan officer, and the borrower’s information has been authorized by an underwriting software program (Desktop Underwriting), then they both have the same chance of closing.


Money answers all things and yet it plays the most vital role in the lives of humans. The desire to satisfy personal needs come to mind but not everyone can afford it. In India that can’t be a stumbling block to fulfil, because there are hundreds of banks and other financial organizations in the country that gives out loans for various reasons. These types of loans are called personal loans. India is one of the leaders in terms of creating provisions for these kinds of loans.

Personal loans are basically those retail loans which are given for the purpose of satisfying personal needs and expenses of individuals. The quick cash loans bad credit in India are mainly provided with five major parts. Although, the loan amount and the rate of interest depends on which bank you make use of, but their purposes are all the same. Aside from personal purposes, if someone has the desire to start up his own business, then also the Indian bank always welcome them by providing them with the business start-up loans. Below are the various kinds of loans:

CONSUMER DURABLE LOANS: These kinds of loans are being used for buying durable finished products like television, sound system, washing machines and much more. These are one of a kind type of loans provided by Indian banks to bring more customers towards them. Under this part of personal loan, you can get an amount ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs.1, 000,000. But various banks give a minimum amount of Rs. 5, 000 and the maximum amount of Rs. 2, 000, 000 under this loan. This loan attracts a limit of 5 year duration.

FESTIVE LOANS: This loan is established to assist people fulfil their needs during the festive period. Occasionally, leading banks in India provide this loan on the basis of festive season at cheaper or discounted rates. This is the best type of loan for those who want to utilize a small amount of loan. Under this category, banks issue out a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000 and a maximum amount of Rs. 50, 000. But the festive loan last up to 12months. Repayment is done by equated monthly instalments (EMI). The rate of interest also depends solely from bank to bank.

MARRIAGE LOANS: Nowadays, this type of personal loan is becoming common among the people of India in both the urban and rural areas. The amount on the loan depends on several factors including age of the applicant; security pledged by the applicant, repayment capacity of the applicant, etc. under this loan, the rate of interest is determined by the current market rate at the time the loan was given.

PENSION LOANS: There are many banks in India that takes care of the old people. This is the reason why people who are no longer working have the right to personal loans. This type of loan is called a Pension loan. In this kind of loan, the banks provide the maximum amount which is up to 7 – 10 times the amount which was received as the last pension.

PERSONAL COMPUTER LOANS: In this period of information technology, owning a computer is very essential. There are many Indian banks which offer loans that satisfies the desires of the people. In this category, the loan is up to Rs.1, 000, 000. Banks also provide separate loan for buying software and that can be up to Rs. 20,000. The rate of interest is being charged according to the initial lending rate and some banks charge an extra 2% on the loan amount.
In essence, one thing that is certain is that whatever your aim is and whenever you need to meet your financial expenses, the Indian banks are always ready to give a helping hand to you.